Introducing Maria Pardo

I love posting Maria.

I love all the dirty, filthy, nasty comments she gets from horny guys who want to bang the fuck out of her.

Maria is my wife of some 18 years and, I am proud to say, is now one of the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest sluts you could meet.

In fact, I did a recent count and all Maria’s various profiles, photos and videos have together received well over a million hits.

She goes under the profile name of titsMaria and is featured on sites like Xvideos, Xhamster, Xtube, Amateur Archiver, iTaboo, Nudeweb,  Slutwives, World Wide Wives, XNXX, Adultism, PornScum, Mylust, Zoig, and Motherless, and quite a few more. As well as this site, of course. Where profiles allow, like Adults Only Space, we list her full name; half the fun is in fully exposing  her as the total slut and whore she is.

Maria’s videos have turned up on sites where we don’t even have a profile: Redtube and SheAmateur to name two. We take the fact that porn sites are downloading and reposting Maria’s videos as a compliment!

Maria is popular not just because she is a total slut. She is also a tall, voluptuous, busty brunette with a very pretty face. She has long slender legs which she loves to spread far and wide to give everyone complete access to her tight little fuckholes.

Maria Pardo

One of Maria’s favourite words is cunt. If you are ever chatting with her on one of her sites, you will notice she uses the word whenever she can. Maria rarely refers to her pussy. It’s almost always her cunt. In her view, it is her cunt that guys stick their cocks into; her pussy is only the surrounding bits.

Maria also loves anal sex. In fact I think she likes it more than vaginal penetration. That’s because Maria has more of her sensitive nerve endings embedded on the anal side of the vaginal wall. This means she is able to have anal orgasms. So any guy who fucks her up the ass can trigger an anal orgasm for Maria simply by cumming deep inside her. The spasming of the cock as it ejaculates while inside Maria’s asshole sets her right off.

You might be wondering how Maria became such a slut. We have put together a few accounts of some of Maria’s background and exploits in stories we have posted on her profile sites as well as dedicated story sites.

In short, Maria has been a slut since she was 16 and in high school. She was a bit of a loner, from a dysfunctional family, but had the biggest and best tits in the school and the boys were keen to see more. So they started offering her money to play with her tits, which Maria, surprising even herself, accepted. One thing led to another and soon she was letting the boys feel her up, not just her tits but also her pussy. That soon progressed to Maria giving handjobs, blowjobs and finally she let them fuck her, all behind the shelter sheds at school.

Her father, not the nicest of dads, found out about it and, instead of hitting the roof, used the opportunity to turn Maria into a teen prostitute. He pimped her out to his circle of male friends, mostly older ethnic men, who were all delighted to have a nubile young girl with D cup tits at their disposal. In fact her first client was her uncle, her father’s brother, who fucked Maria in the kitchen of his suburban house while his ill wife lay bedridden only a room away.

16 year old prostitute Maria Pardo

A steady stream of men then found their way to Maria’s delights, as she serviced half a dozen of them almost daily. Sometimes she would be dropped off at their house or they would come to Maria’s house, fucking her in her own bedroom, in the garage, and even in the back yard. Maria was doing oral, vaginal and anal at this point. Naturally she was no longer in school, being so busy. Maria admits she was torn through the experience – she actually enjoyed being the sexual centre of attention despite the situation.

This went on for two or three years until Maria began realising that she was not seeing a cent for any of her efforts. She didn’t even know how much her father was charging for her services. She had been fucked hundreds of times and only had her board and keep – and a rather unpleasant environment – to show for it.

So she looked for an opportunity to escape the situation, figuring that she could make enough money as a prostitute to support herself. When she was almost 20 the opportunity arrived when the extended family was hit by several health issues, requiring her father to spend time away to attend to them.

When he got back, she was gone.

Maria then worked as a prostitute for a couple of years but because she was solo, she found it hard going. She was raped several times and had a few scary incidents when she thought she would be bashed, or worse. She is a survivor though and managed to get herself out of those situations, but her thoughts turned to getting out of the business. She had saved a reasonable stake by then, but did not know where to turn.

Maria Pardo was an in-demand prostitute

Fortunately that juncture was where we met. I was starting to explore my growing interest in various sexual expressions and looking for someone to experiment with.

When I first laid eyes on Maria, she was wearing a short navy blue white polka dot dress with shoestring straps that enhanced her curves, showed off beautiful bare shoulders and especially those lovely long bare legs. I had no idea of the size of her tits until later.

I felt something immediately, although she kept her head down, as girls in the business often do. We were at the local primary school after all, she to collect a niece and I to pick up a nephew. The pair had struck up a friendship and had been distracted, finally emerging together chatting away. They had to go to some after school activity and I offered to drive them so Maria and I exchanged phone numbers so she could collect her niece later. We got to chatting and never looked back since.

It took a while before we really opened up to each other about our respective sexualities. Maria didn’t want to let on that she was a prostitute, fearing it would drive me away. But after a while, as things got more serious, it became increasingly obvious. I decided to get on the front foot and talk to her about my desires to explore different aspects of sexuality, away from social norms, which I find are mostly hypocritical, and how I felt that she was an ideal woman to do that with.

Of course we were well into a sexual relationship by then and I was already aware of Maria’s skills and abilities and the fact that she did not shy away from a bit of kink. She liked it hard and fast and on top of that, things like fucking outdoors, public flashing, using food, sex toys and insertions made for an increasingly interesting sex life.

After admitting she was a prostitute and being relieved at my positive response, we spent a couple of years getting to know each other more intimately. But as we did we felt more and more that we needed to constantly widen our experiences. So we embarked on a journey involving sharing, with just one or two at first, but then including swinging, group sex, moving on to gangbangs and rough sex.

The slut loves a gangbang

Technology’s evolution meant we could start photographing and videoing our sessions and join the burgeoning sexual revolution driven by the Internet. Having done almost everything sexually with each other, we now derive our greatest pleasure from external sources. Maria allowed herself to indulge her love of cock and cum, embracing her status as a slut. I was happy to turn to the voyeur side of things. So we expanded Maria’s network to the IFM team – the I Fucked Maria team, a group of men who have had the pleasure of using Maria’s amazing body. That expanded to offering Maria to strangers, pick ups in bars, hotel and motel sessions, all aimed at breaking taboos and freeing sex from societal restraints.

There was another taboo we had not yet broached. I knew Maria was an animal lover and particularly a dog lover. So I suggested to her that a major step towards breaking taboos would be trying bestiality.

Maria then admitted she had an early dog experience. She had been asked by a school friend to feed and walk their dog while the family went away on summer holidays. Maria would go over to her friends house after school every day, and on the weekend, to take the dog, a male crossbreed named Herman, for a walk and then set out water and food for him. Reluctant to go home, for obvious reasons, she would stay and play with Herman. Herman of course responded to the attention and as dogs do, one day began humping Maria’s thigh. She could see his pink dog cock emerging from its sheath, and curious, she gradually began touching, then stroking Herman’s increasingly large cock. Wearing only a light cotton dress it didn’t take much for Maria to be “persuaded” by Herman’s excitement to end up on all fours with Herman thrusting eagerly trying to find her teenage cunt. Maria says she was still wearing her panties so Herman didn’t quite get to full penetration but it was her first bestiality experience. Overwhelmed by the incident and the feelings it aroused in her, Maria decided to shut it away.

So it wasn’t until we discussed it years later that she recalled Herman and her feelings of nervous excitement at the prospect of having sex with a dog. She raised the usual objections, including legality, but as we talked we came to the realisation that society’s position – including its legal position – was based on emotion and outdated religious tenets rather than logic. If your belief system is religiously based, then fair enough, uphold whatever rules you see fit. But if your belief system is scientifically based, believing that we are all animals, evolved into the homo sapien species of today, then there is no basis to exclude sexual relations with a range of fellow animals. After all, inter-species mating occurs in nature. Our ancestors mated across various species which resulted in our evolution into the humans we are today. And many animals have sex for reasons other than reproduction, including oral and anal sex. Most people haven’t thought this through and merely object to bestiality with no real reasoning behind it. 

But once Maria understood that, it lifted a weight from her and was very liberating. Sites like bestialitylovers, beastforum, Zoobooks and K9-dating have been added to the list.

So now Maria enjoys being mated to dogs and horses. She says there is no real human equivalent to the raw animalistic passion unleashed on her while being fucked by dogs and horses. The fact the dogs and horses are so eager to fuck Maria is also an indicator of how ridiculous the taboo on bestiality really is. There are no taboos in the animal kingdom.

We now have our own golden retriever, named Zach, and Maria is well and truly his bitch. Hardly a day goes by when Zach doesn’t make Maria get down on all fours and take his seven inches in either her cunt or ass. After he cums inside Maria, she usually cleans him up afterwards, just like she does with any man cock that dumps a load of jizz inside her. Sometimes she just sucks Zach’s cock and swallows his stream of cum and he has even tit fucked Maria a few times. Who knew dogs love big tits too?

Zach fucks Maria

It has also helped Maria find her niche in being the submissive slutwife she is today. She understands her role in life is to bring pleasure to men and males as a living fuckdoll. She knows her body is built for cock and made to be fucked. That’s why she lets anyone fuck her, because she does not want to deny anyone the use of her body. She realises her life has brought her to this point and she wants to make the most of it while she can.

My role is simply to help guide her, set new challenges and take on all the logistical and organisational duties to allow Maria the time to be the world’s free public prostitute.

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  1. Max Master says:

    Love the full naming and full exposure of your total, complete and utter slut and whore. Well done and keep exposing Maria Pardo everywhere, she deserves it.

  2. Ray Manup4 says:

    Would love to see some of the videos. Really loved the story for a starter.

  3. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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    These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

  6. Mike says:

    May I ask what state you are in and if you ever meet up with others with the view to bestiality.

    • Maria Pardo says:

      Hi Mike, we are stuck behind closed borders currently. We do have regular get togethers with dog owners who wish to make use of Maria’s talents with animals but normally on a personal reference basis.

  7. I would love to watch her masturbate. Can I see her play with herself ? I’m really not into beastiality but I love her body and love to see more videos of her masturbating. Please…

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